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      Analysis of the Reasons for Oil Leakage of Exhaust Filter Caused by Vacuum Pump

      Author:河源市柏爾科技有限公司 Click: Time:2018-11-11 00:00:00

      After long-term use of vacuum pumps, if there is no routine maintenance, there will be some big or small problems, such as oil leakage at the exhaust outlet. There is only one main reason for oil leakage at the exhaust outlet: the problem of exhaust filter.

      Now let's introduce what caused the leakage of oil in the exhaust filter of vacuum pump.

      1. The exhaust filter is invalid and the oil and gas can not be separated completely.

      2. The O-ring seal at the outlet of the exhaust filter is not good.

      3. Installation of exhaust filter is not in place. Oil leakage and air leakage of shaft seals are common.

      Warm Tip: When it is found that the seal leaks due to wear and tear, the seal ring must be replaced when oil leaks. The seal structures of different pumps and manufacturers are different. The same or similar sealing rings should be replaced according to the original design. For example, when the standard parts of spring rubber rings are not worn seriously and air leakage is not serious, several rings of fastening steel wire springs can be removed and installed again. Serious wear should be replaced with new sealing rings according to the original caliber. O-type, J-type and j O-type sealing rings all have standard series. When assembling, attention should be paid to positioning and pressing. Some rubber sealing rings can also be made by ourselves. Its inner and outer diameters can be obtained by measuring axle and hole. Its size should be slightly smaller, and its thickness should be compacted, so that it can be easily installed and locked by itself.


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